Sophisticated. Sustainable. Smart.

Imbue Capital is quantitatively trading commodity markets in a way that is designed for the future.

Based in Singapore and Melbourne, we’re proud to be a small team generating sustainable returns for investors who share our embrace of sophisticated data and smart thinking.

We stand apart with a unique combination of financial theory, global markets experience, artificial intelligence and data science. By bringing together these disciplines, we not only take a more informed view of markets – we also offer a more crafted approach to investments.

We will soon offer two investment funds to institutional and sophisticated investors:
AI Commodity Fund
Australian AI Water Fund


The Value of a Different View

We believe that traditional investor behaviour and structural features of markets cause inefficiencies and mispricings. This has led to an opportunity for Imbue Capital to be at the forefront of a changing industry, cutting through the noise and providing a clearer perspective on future market dynamics.

Just as markets exhibit a multitude of complex and fluid characteristics, the right investment approach needs to be multi-faceted to produce the highest risk-adjusted returns for investors.

At Imbue Capital, we do this by drawing on the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, alongside our own deep knowledge of global commodity market drivers and our rigorous testing of big data.

The result is enhanced clarity for higher conviction investment approaches, with a more systemized, objective and adaptable investment process that aims to perform in all market environments.